High Quality New Punisher Trailer Online

Set your PC’s speakers to high volume (unless you are work) and watch the butt-kicking new trailer for the Punisher movie.
Yahoo! Movies has posted the new Punisher trailer online in QuickTime, Windows Media and Real formats. Check it out here.
Here’s how the Web site describes the plot: "The comic book adaptation tells the story of FBI undercover agent, Frank Castle (Thomas Jane), who until now has beat considerable odds. A former Special Forces operative, he is finally moving out of the field and into a desk job -- and a normal life with his wife and son. Then Castle's world is shaken to its core by a nightmare he has longed feared: his family is executed as a repercussion from his final undercover assignment. With unparalleled intensity, ferocious intelligence and fearless actions, Castle seeks to punish the murderers -- and finds the one thing he least expected: redemption. "

Meanwhile, the movie which debuts April 16, got an R-Rating from the Motion Picture Association of America for pervasive brutal violence, language and brief nudity.
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