Positive Punisher Review Online

A reviewer who has seen The Punisher movie gives it a generally positive review. Read on, true believer!
A reviewer for Ain’t It Cool News has seen The Punisher film and offers his insights on just how well the film is carried off:

"In the end, the success or failure of this film rests on two pairs of shoulders. Thomas Jane holds up his end of the deal, and his work here should open some doors for the guy finally. He sells a character that is, admittedly, thin by design. He invests Frank with real humanity and also a convincing sense of menace.

"And Jonathan Hensleigh deserves high marks for focusing on his cast over effects, character over explosions, and substance over style, " the reviewer wrote. "It's a self-assured debut for him as a filmmaker, and if it represents a turning point in his career, that would be a welcome thing, indeed. You get the feeling watching this that this is where his heart's been all along."

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