David Goyer Unveils Blade: Trinity Secrets

Blade: Trinity writer/director David Goyer gives up the goods in a two-part interview about his upcoming new film, again starring Wesley Snipes as the Daywalker dreaded by vampires worldwide.
Writer/director David Goyer is revealing some insights into the making of Blade: Trinity, the next film in the Wesley Snipes vampire-slaying saga.

In an interview with Ain’t It Cool News, Goyer reveals the film features as many as 400 f/x shots. "It may be 450 by the time we're done. It keeps going up, " Goyer said.

The cast includes Jessica Biel, Parker Posey, John Michael Higgins, Natasha Lyonne, Patton Oswalt, Eric Bogosian and wrestler Triple H. "I was, to be honest, resistant to him, " Goyer said. "It was New Line's idea. I met with him, and I was really skeptical. *Really* skeptical. But not only did he do a great job, he's a super cool guy. I loved him, loved him, loved him, loved him. Loved him so much, I wrote more stuff for him in the movie. He ended up having very good comedic timing; he was very good at making fun of himself. He got it. He totally got it, and understands how to make the transition. ", Goyer said.

"There are sort of five bigger vampires in the film. Parker Posey is the leader of the vampires, so she's one of the two big villains. There's another villain who's sort of resurrected, and he's King of the Vampires, but she's the Stephen Dorff of this movie. And Triple H plays her bodyguard," Goyer said.

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