Daredevil Movie Just Days Away

With just a few days left before Daredevil hits an estimated 3,500 theaters across the U.S., there’s a plethora of developments in the news. Our friend Bob Gough itemizes them for you in this informative article
With just a few days left before Daredevil hits an estimated 3,500 theaters across the U.S., there’s a plethora of developments in the news.

The official movie Web site (www.daredevilmovie.com) has several new, cool clips from the movie. Go to the Trailer section and then click on clips to catch them all.

Meanwhile, director Mark Steven Johnson says he has no illusions that his film can match Spider-Man’s $800 million gross. "We knew when we were making Daredevil it won't be Spider-Man," he told Calgary Sun. "Everyone in the world knows who Spider-Man is. Daredevil's fan base is much, much smaller. He's not even a Batman or a Superman," Johnson added.

"We'll be happy with the kind of box-office response Blade and Blade 2 received."

Also, Daredevil stars will take turns on this week’s Good Morning America Today’s show featured Colin Farrell (Bullseye). Tomorrow’s will feature Jennifer Garner (Elektra) while Wednesday Joe Pantoliano (Ben Urich) comes on. Ben Affleck (Matt Murdock/Daredevil) appears Thursday while Michael Clarke Duncan (Kingpin) rounds out the week Friday.

Sneak peeks of the film are planned for 9 p.m. ET Thursday in 2,500 theaters. And photos from Sunday’s Hollywood premiere of the film can be seen at search.news.yahoo.com/search/news?c=news_photos&p=daredevil.

Entertainment Tonight will have footage from the event at Mann’s Chinese Theatre tonight.

Affleck, meanwhile, is talking about getting his costume correct. It "was a long, drawn out process," Affleck tells TV Guide Online. "We had 20 or 30 fittings, over and over, and I didn't object to it. I mean, I know that [as] the centerpiece of the movie, we had to get it right. I wore it to the set for the first day, and it was the version that I thought looked the best, and everybody liked it."

Staff kudos went to Affleck’s head. "It felt pretty cool," he grins. "I felt like a super hero for 10 seconds - until I tripped over some wire and it reminded me that, in fact, I was not a super hero. But I certainly looked in the mirror and felt like one."

Finally, various news sources are reporting the following:

Bullseye's Killer Kiss with Elektra - Garner reveals, "He had to bite my lip at a pivotal moment and it was supposed to be a little lovebite. It started that way and then he turned. I was like, 'Dude, calm down.'
The Calgary Sun on Daredevil - "The man is in pain. You see him going back to his apartment where he has a cabinet full of painkillers. We see the scars on his body from his fights and watch him pull out a tooth that was dislodged during a fist fight. This is what makes Matt Murdock such an intriguing character."
Jennifer Garner - "She's really tough, man," Farrell mutters in his tobacco-cured brogue. "Yeah, she's a tough bird, she's a fit girl. We would do a take or two and I'd be in the corner wheezing, and Jennifer'd be like, 'Can we go again straightaway?' I'd be going, 'She's gonna kill me!'"
LA Times on Daredevil - While other comic book movies offer huge, expensive set pieces to wrap up their movies, Daredevil presents something much smaller. "I really don't know if this will work," Johnson says, discounting early talk of a Bullseye prequel, a Daredevil sequel and an Elektra spin-off. "We don't have the big third act of Spider-Man or X-Men. We have guys fighting in an office. Ours is very personal. It's not about saving the world."
--Calgary Sun, TV Guide, LA Times, Superhero Hype
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