DC Comics teams up with Random House

One of the biggest comics companies in the world hopes that a new distribution deal with Random House will finally put graphic novels front and center.

After more than 20 years using Warner Books/Hachette for bookstore distribution, DC Comics is switching its book trade distribution to Random House Publisher Services, the book industry’s largest and most far-reaching distribution service.

Jeff Abraham, president of Random House, told Publishers Weekly's Calvin Reid, "We’re thrilled with this new relationship. Most of my staff and sales force have been fans of DC Comics long before we ever thought they’d be a partner."

DC's president and publisher Paul Levitz said that he was not worried that DC Comics titles might be lost in the giant Random House distribution operation. "We’re used to being in a big environment."

Levitz noted that Random House sales reps have experience selling graphic novels that other distributors lack. And he believes Random House will help sell the graphic novel category to independent bookstores, which have lagged significantly behind chain bookstores in embracing the category.

"Graphic novels have a weaker representation in independent stores than in the chains," said Levitz. "Random House has an opportunity to have a big impact there."

The new distribution partnership goes into effect in spring 2008.
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