Review: Amazing Spider-Girl #13

May Parker may have started out as a gimmick in the Spider-Man universe, but Peter and Mary Jane's little girl has grown into her own!
Amazing Spider-Girl #13
“I, Hobgoblin”

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artist: Ron Frenz
Inker: Sal Buscema

May Parker not only inherited her father Peter Parker’s spider-abilities, she also seems to inherited his inability to maintain a personal life. As things begin to fall apart in May's civilian life, the Hobgoblin sets events into motion behind the scenes that will make her life as Spider-Girl a living hell as well. Convinced that Spider-Girl is working for crime kingpin Black Tarantula, the Hobgoblin goes to Sin City, Las Vegas, to recruit a super-powered ally of his own!

The Spider-Girl title has survived many cancellation efforts on sheer pluckiness, likeability and a fan-base second in loyalty only to Babylon 5 afficionados. Coming to this title again after years watching from the sidelines as it rose again and again from the dead, I must admit I can see its simple charm and why so many fans feel they couldn’t live without it. With a Silver Age look and feel (despite being set in the future), it seems to keep alive the old Marvel Comics’ House of Ideas story-telling method of character first. And it has just the right amount of teen drama and action mixed in to make it a true Spidey-like tale!
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