'Heroes' writer goes old school with the World's Finest

Michael Green keeps his day job and moonlights as the latest scribe of Superman/Batman.
When Heroes writer-exec producer Michael Green landed a prime job scripting six issues of Superman/Batman, beginning with #44, he knew it would use a different set of muscles from those of his TV gig.

"The stock in trade with Heroes is stories of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. Batman and Superman are anything but ordinary people."

A veteran of Smallville's first season, Green--who just completed a six-part run on Batman Confidential--owes his Superman/Batman gig to editor Eddie Berganza, whom he met when he did a ten-page Lex Luthor story for the first Smallville comic. "[Eddie] mentioned Superman/Batman and I was the happiest boy ever."

Green said he would love to keep writing Superman/Batman, even though he is "ultra-busy" with Heroes. "I recently brought on a fantastic budding screenwriter, Mike Johnson, to work with me on the later issues of the arc so I could keep doing them and stay honest about deadlines. I figure, say what you will about the stories, at least they came in on time."

Superman/Batman #44, featuring art and covers by the Mystery in Space team of Shane Davis and Matt Banning, hits shelves December 19.

[Original posting by JEFFREY RENAUD of CBR.]
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