Cooke to deliver fresh 'NEW FRONTIER' special

Writer-artist Darwyn Cooke will produce a small follow-up to his highly-acclaimed Silver Age mini-series 'DC: The New Frontier'.
Most would agree that Darwyn Cooke’s 'DC: The New Frontier' is one of the seminal superhero comics of the new millenium. DC Comics even has officially added the 'New Frontier' universe to its roster of 52. And there is great fan anticipation for February's Direct-to-DVD animated feature based on Cooke's work.

Now, DC Comics has announced that the DVD debut will be followed in March by 'Justice League: The New Frontier Special', a 48-page (no ads) collection of stories from Cooke, J. Bone and David Bullock, the director of Justice League: The New Frontier.

Cooke admitted, in an interview with Newsarama's MATT BRADY, that the DVD flick probably helped grease the wheels for the new comic project to get rolling. After all, only one short 'New Frontier' follow-up has, as yet, seen print--Cooke's issue of 'Solo' featuring King Faraday--despite the writer-artists pitch of other NF projects to DC.

The three stories in the NF special use the conceit that they are untold events that the government classified in the early sixties. The 22-page main piece ['New Frontier: The Lost Chapter'], which has its roots in the initial outline of 'New Frontier', is the story behind the big Batman/Superman fight hoax referred to in 'New Frontier'. Cooke will write and draw this tale, which introduces the NF Alfred.

The other two shorts will be written by Cooke and feature art by Bone and Bullock, for whom the stories were developed. Dave Stewart and Jared Fletcher will be on board for color and lettering.

So, is the special a prelude to something bigger?

"I'm still waiting for the first one to run its course," said Cooke. "'New Frontier' has been a daily part of my life for about seven years now. So I suppose the answer is maybe some day."
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