Ultimate Human #1 Sells Out!

Marvel announced today that Ultimate Human #1 (of 4), featuring a pivotal meeting between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level)...
As a desperate Banner holds out hope that Stark, better known as Iron Man, can cure him of his transformation into the grey gargantuan known as the Hulk, shadowy forces are at work to sabotage the experiment—and this issue ends with plenty of smashes to come! The acclaimed creative team of award-winning author Warren Ellis and superstar artist Cary Nord have drawn praise from all corners, with Adam Chapman of Comixtreme.com deeming it “highly recommended… quite an inspired bit of writing.”

“As Tony Stark would say, it’s a pretty simple equation,” explained editor Bill Rosemann. “Smart writing + awesome art + compelling characters = another Ultimate hit.”

The ultimate collision between Iron Man and the Hulk continues in Ultimate Human #2 as Stark and Banner must deal with the “incredible” results of their experiments—and you better believe the Hulk will smash!

Please note that Marvel currently has no plans to go back to press on Ultimate Human #1.

ULTIMATE HUMAN #2 (of 4) (DEC072163)
Pencils & Cover by CARY NORD
T+ …$2.99
FOC—1/17/08, On-Sale—2/6/08

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