Review: Wolverine #61

Earth’s Mightiest Reviewers take a look at the latest comics from Marvel. Today, a little late maybe, Wolverine #61.


The book deals with Wolverine’s apparently semi-immortality, how he got it, and what’s been happening with it over the past several years. I was pleasantly surprised with the way that the back-story was woven in to the current story without weighing it down so it was a quagmire of information.


Without giving the whole store away, Wolverine has – since he killed the Angel of Death back in WWI - been in a state of semi-immortality. Each time he got close to death, his soul would be transported to an alternative plane, where he would battle the Angel of Death in combat. Apparently, it had been getting harder of late, to the point where he was almost losing.

This story touches on the love of his life, Mariko Yashida, as well as another female, Phaedra, but I’ve obviously missed her connection to the story as a whole.


This comic book, though a little clunkily drawn, was really quite impressive. I was a little distressed at one page where Wolverine seems to have developed the face of a Transformer in its rigidity, but the gritty art is worthwhile, if for nothing else than to accompany a great story.

This would definitely seem to be a decent jumping on point, but I think I’ll have to wait for issue #62 to decide if this was just a breakaway from the continuing storyline. Nevertheless, I would give this a decent 3 out of 5, as a nod towards the smooth way the new story encompassed some of Wolverine’s back-story.

Stay tuned till the last page too, and someone please let me know (at my blog, where my reviews will be co-posted, here) whether that is who I think it is! Yay for epilogues!

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