Simone Bianchi Variant Cover on FANTASTIC FOUR #554

Marvel reveals new artwork variant for FF...
Marvel is proud to unveil the newest honorary member of the Fantastic Four—superstar artist Simone Bianchi! The hotly-anticipated Fantastic Four #554, from award-winning writer Mark Millar and award-winning artist Bryan Hitch (the dream team behind The Ultimates and Ultimates 2), now features a previously-unannounced variant by Bianchi!

Rocking the Fantastic Four at their core, the year long World’s Greatest storyline will leave you breathless as Millar & Hitch take the FF where no superteam has gone before! Who is MRS. Fantastic? Who joins Invisible Woman’s new team? And just what does Dr. Doom have planned? These answers and more arrive in this all-new, can’t-miss storyline by Millar & Hitch, beginning in Fantastic Four #554, now with a Simone Bianchi variant cover!

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