Y: THE LAST MAN Comes to an End, and the Movie Gains Momentum

It will go down as one of the greatest comic series of all time, thanks to legendary creator Brian K. Vaughan. We were promised 60 issues of Y: The Last Man, and we got 60 issues. But what about the movie?
It is the story that has time and time again provided science fiction lovers with entertainment. We’ve seen it in the cinemas of late thanks to Will Smith in I Am Legend, which itself is a remake of decades old movies like The Omega Man. But when Brian K. Vaughan, comic book legend-in-the-making and writer on the hit cult classic TV series Lost got involved with the storyline, it was bound to have an impact.

What would happen if there were only one man left alive on the planet; one man, amongst a whole heap of women?

"We're so spoiled by comics with Spider-Man and Superman and the X-Men, that sort of illusion of the third act, it goes on forever," says Vaughan, 31, who is adamant there will be no spinoffs or sequels. "I think finales are what give stories their meaning."

I was telling my father only yesterday that Brian K. Vaughan will go down as a legend in comics. He is the author that created the Marvel hit Runaways, as well as Wildstorms Ex Machina, and Vertigo’s Pride of Baghdad. All are critically acclaimed, and all are cult classics.

So that there is a movie in the works for Y: The Last Man is no surprise. A film is in development, and has got director D.J. Caruso leading it with Carl Ellsworth screenwriting. In addition, Caruso has had "preliminary discussions" with Shia LaBeouf to play Yorick.

"For me, thematically, the most important thing and the reason I want to do this is … I don't want to say it's the end of the innocence, but it's actually a man-child who has to become a real man now," Caruso says. "I think it's a really simple, beautiful theme, but at the same time, the movie's really pop-culture entertainment."

More good news for fans of the series is that instead of attempting to cram all 60 issues in to one movie, Caruso is planning to only include the first 14. He added that this naturally opens the door for turning it in to a trilogy of movies.

Needless to say, there will be a lot of sad comic book readers entering and exiting their local shops with their last edition of Y: The Last Man this week.
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