Review: X-MEN LEGACY #208

A month out from the end of X-Men: Messiah Complex, which witnessed the apparent disbanding of the X-Men, we are finally beginning to see how the X-Universe is shaping up.
But overall, the X-Verse at the moment has acquired my full attention.

So that was why I was a bit confused when I first saw X-Men Legacy on the shelves, especially at issue # 208, because … well, where had this title been for all that time? Thankfully I was soon informed that this is actually just a rebranding of the X-Men title (which I should have picked up from the issue number).

At the end of Messiah Complex Xavier was shot in the head by Bishop (accidentally I assume). Naturally, being shot in the head doesn’t mean much these days (at least in comics), and we find out that there is still some mental capacity left in Xavier’s mind. However that mind and its body are now in the possession of ‘The Acolytes.’


Exodus starts the book off attempting to rebuild Xavier’s physical mind, which thus necessitates the destruction of Xavier’s mental mind – although, even so, I’m not 100% certain just how and if that took place considering the sheer amount of thinking Xavier is doing, somewhere.

So we are treated to a dual storyline, with the Acolytes attempting to reboot Xavier’s mind, and essentially keep him alive in some capacity. Exodus begins his mind wiping process, which allows us the opportunity to experience the other side of this dual comic book.

But unlike other bi-storylines we also get bi-artwork (I mean that in an entirely un-sexual manner) to go along with the split storylines. John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson step up to the plate to create the “mindscape art” which depicts scenes from Xavier’s past with his X-Men an Moira MacTaggert.


It is actually really well done, and the difference in artwork is both noticeable and fascinating. It is great to see the original X-Men costume’s back again, while still being treated to the almost inordinate amount of latex parading around the Acolyte’s lair.

Of course, the apex of this storyline occurs at the end of the book, where revealed for all to see is Magneto, brought in by Exodus to help him restore Xavier’s psyche.

What’s best is that in the previews for issue #209, we’re treated to even more Magneto hints. The teaser reads; “What sort of repercussions will there be as the journey into Professor Xavier’s mind continues? Will the reveal of long lost memories and important x-facts be detrimental to the cause? Find out the answer to these questions and more in X-Men Legacy #209!”


The X-Verse is gearing up to something, and I’m loving it with every passing issue. Make sure to check this one out, because I’m giving it another 4 fists out of 5.

4 Strong Fists

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