The Return of the Secret Six

It’s been one of those comics that has developed a weird amount of attention, but with Gail Simone writing, it’s not that surprising. So now, announced at New York Comic Con, Simone has announced she’s bringing back the Secret Six.
The Secret Six was brought back after a long absence for the 2005 prelude to Infinite Crisis series Villains United, and became a huge hit. Gail Simone was then drafted to write a miniseries, which received massive acclaim from fans.

In her work with Birds of Prey Simone has managed to bring the group back occasionally.

However at the DCU: Countdown to Crisis panel at the New York Comic Con, Gail Simone announced that she will be writing an ongoing monthly Secret Six book. The reception to her announcement was huge, as not only is Simone a fan favorite, but so is the book.

To be drawn by Nicola Scott, probably best known for her recent work on Simone’s own Birds of Prey, the six will include Catman, Deadshot, Scandal, and Ragdoll, an “A-list Batman villain” and a new character created by Simone and Scott.

This is a really good title, and one you should all look out for. In addition, make sure you go back and get the past issues of Birds of Prey, the Secret Six miniseries and Villains United.
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