LONDON HORROR BOOK Web Comic Hits The Printed Page

The popular b&w London Horror Book will move from the web to full-color print in September.
Nearly two years after starting life as a black and white online comic created by John-Paul Kamath (Trailer Park of Terror), London Horror Book will be distributed by Diamond as a full color print title.

The original web version, launched in August 2006, drew praise from inside and outside the field, and received an average of 700 visitors per month.

"But because the web comics we were doing at the time worked as free downloads, we found we couldn't justify the cost of lettered or colored work in the long term, which limited the stories we wanted to tell," Kamath explained. "So we focused our efforts on producing all-new stories with an eye for print. We've pulled out all the stops on production and hope our fans enjoy it."

Published by London Horror Comic Ltd, LHC #1 is a 32-page horror-comedy anthology of new tales by Kamath and richly rendered by Lee Ferguson (Black Canary Wedding Planner), Marc Deering (Miranda Mercury), Matty Ryan (New X-Men) and Hi-Fi Design (American Virgin).

The book "approaches the horror genre from every angle, ranging from dark comedy to social commentary, clever jabs at the medium and the industry, and some downright chilling and disturbing work," read the review at

The new print edition also has earned advance praise from Sfx Magazine, who called it a "horror Curb Your Enthusiasm."

An eight-page preview of one story from the print comic is available to view online for free.

London Horror Book #1 will retail for $3.99 and is available to order from July's Diamond Previews catalog beginning June 25th. The book ships in late September.
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