Vertigo's FABLES Isn't Slowing Down

Contrary to some rumors, Bill Willingham has no intention of departing his fairy tale universe, judging by the myriad Fables projects in the works.
At Comic-Con International's July 26th Fables panel, attended by CBR News's TIMOTHY CALLAHAN, franchise creator Bill Willingham and a number of his collaborators discussed upcoming storylines, miniseries and related ancillaries.

Jack of Fables co-writer Matthew Sturges, who just signed a two-year exclusive DC comics contract, announced a crossover for early next year, to run in the two regular titles and a new three-issue miniseries called The Littles. He also said that upcoming issues of Jack will feature a few more obscure--or completely forgotten--tall tales, including "Man of Fruit" and "Captain Scurvy the Toothless Pirate"(?!)

Fables artist Mark Buckingham promoted TwoMorrows Publishing's imminent edition of Modern Masters which will be devoted to him. The volume's cover will feature a new Fables-themed tableau by Buckingham, and the contents include "a lot of behind the scenes stuff and what goes on in the creation of [Fables]."

Novelist Chris Roberson and artist Shawn McManus are producing a miniseries entitled Cinderella, from Fabletown, with Love, in which the writer, who described the story as "spies, sex, and shoes," dramatizes the fate of Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Speaking of Cindy, Willingham said an upcoming Fables two-parter finally will reveal the favor that she owes Frau Totenkinder for her help with the Cloud Kingdom negotiations.

Willingham also is taking Fables into novel territory with next year's Peter and Max, to be illustrated by Steve Leialoha. The book will explain what happened to Peter Piper and his brother Max, who grew up to mess around with pipes and rats.

And, despite the scare caused by the writer's cruel April Fool's Day prank, fans don't have to worry about Fables ending, unless Willingham dies or Buckingham wants to do something else. However, readers should expect changes after issue #75.

"The prequel's over," teased Willingham, "now we start the real series."

He also said he might be up for drawing an issue of Fables himself if he gave up writing and if there is as yet no artist locked in for #1000. He also said that cover artist "James Jean has a standing offer to do an interior story whenever he wants."

And there's "always something underway" regarding a Fables movie, but Willingham claimed not to understand how the movie business works.

"If you ever want to enter a fantasyland that doesn't exist," he cracked, "go to Hollywood."
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