DC Comics Cancels MINX Young Adult GNs

MINX, the line of graphic novels aimed mostly at teen girls, has been axed by parent DC Comics.
CBR News's ANDY KHOURI confirmed that DC Comics' young adult graphic novel line MINX has been cancelled.

Creators were notified on Wednesday (24 Sept); some projects will make it to bookshelves while others will not be released as MINX publications. Reversion of rights is in question now; some unreleased titles may be repurposed under DC's Vertigo banner.

Vertigo editor Shelly Bond explained, at the February '07 MINX launch, that she was inspired to create the line by observing the growth in teen girl readership for manga comics. "So I pitched this line as an alternative to manga, but also as an alternative to traditional fiction, because I thought that it was really about time that teenage readers had their own imprint and that they could experience a brand new visual reading experience."

Writers of these original graphic novels include novelists such as Rebecca Donner (Sunset Terrace) and mainstream comics creators such as Mike Carey (X-Men) and Andi Watson (Breakfast After Noon).

The MINX titles, with the full financial support of Warner Bros (DC's parent co), have garnered favorable reviews, but distributor Random House reportedly has been unable to place them in bookstores' YA sections. Blame for this failure has been placed not on Bond or DC but rather on the lack of a sufficient market for alternative YA comics.
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