Jeph Loeb Brings Animated BUFFY To Comics

This December, get a glimpse of the TV show that almost was.
Comics writer and TV producer Jeph Loeb was set, years ago, to co-executive produce Joss Whedon's prospective animated series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While that project was consumed in the flames of Development Hell, Loeb will get to visit that world briefly this December when he writes Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #20 for Dark Horse Comics.

Loeb (Batman: The Long Halloween, TV's Heroes) joins regular Buffy artist Georges Jeanty and guest illustrators Ethen Beavers and Adam van Wyk--who are working under the supervision of animator Eric Wight--for a one-shot in which Buffy gets to "go home again" and see how life really was in Season One of the original TV series. The creative team is using this opportunity to give fans a glimpse of what the animated series might have been.

"Who knows," Loeb told CBR News's JEFFREY RENAUD, "maybe we’ll resurrect that lovely thing!"
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