DC Taking Superman Out Of ACTION

DC Comics VP Dan DiDio is ''excited'' about booting the Man of Steel from Action Comics and sending him to outer space.
DiDio has been unpopular with fans for a while, but -- based on his comments to the LA Times' GEOFF BOUCHER -- it appears the executive editor has lost it.

Since "Superman has been the star of Action Comics for its entire run," DiDio has decided it'll be "a lot of fun" for the Last Son to hand it "over to new characters." As if that's not enough, Superman will leave Earth entirely, in his self-named book, and go wandering the cosmos.

"I think that’s going to get people excited and scratching their heads and wondering what’s going on," DiDio said.

Fans aren't wasting time "wondering." As RICHARD put it on Comic Fodder's comment board, "what the H$## are you doing!!"

According to DiDio, he's affecting "a real level of change on these titles," and making "our oldest and most enduring titles fresh again."

For his own part, Richard "loved the direction that the books are/were moving with 'New Krypton'," and he's not the only one. Comic Fodder columnist (and self-described "Superman nut") RYAN wrote that "since 'One Year Later' hit, the Superman titles have been on an upswing," with the current titles written by Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates and James Robinson selling well.

Perhaps because of their success and talent, Ryan conceded that "maybe the team can pull" off a 'Supes Goes To Space' storyline. But he was more firm in his belief that Roger Stern's late-80s 'Superman in Exile' saga was "pretty dull."

More importantly, Ryan's confidence in Superman's creative teams is the exact opposite of his feelings toward DiDio, calling Superman/ Batman "almost unreadable" and reminding readers that the only big Superman success under DiDio's leadership -- All-Star Superman -- was due, in fact, to writer Grant Morrison.

In the humble opinion of this writer, also an avowed Superman fanatic, Dan DiDio needs to stop and think about why DC's oldest titles are their "most enduring" before he tries to make them "fresh again." John Byrne's 80's reboot was so successful in large part because he restored Superman's humanity. By sending the Man of Steel off into space, DC will disconnect Clark from all the things and people that make him so human and relatable.

And if that argument doesn't work, try this: Maybe DiDio should think about WHY so many fans dislike his stewardship of DC Comics. Until now, this writer has been a DD apologist. But if he's about to start messing with the first and still-greatest hero for no good reason, it's time to join the other side.
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