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Ex-Marvel Chairmen To Be Executive Producer of Angry Birds Movie

Rovio,the company behind the mobile app "Angry Birds", has employed David Maisel as executive producer on the recently announced "Anger Birds" movie because he was "instrumental in rebooting Marvel Studios"
Rovio has recently released the following statement following the news that they have bought their own animation studio:

"We haven’t made any announcements yet. But you can put one and one together - if you look at the fact we bought an animation studio last week and we’re basically beefing up our capabilities in the animation area – you can see we are making a lot of this [the movie] ourselves.We are not just a games company. We want to become a next generation entertainment franchise... Making a movie is just one part of our game plan. We are here to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture – like Mickey Mouse or Mario - and if making a movie helps with that then that’s great. But it’s not like making a move is our ultimate goal."

Now Deadline has reported that the executive producer of all MCU movies to date( Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger) has been hired as Angry Birds executive producer or "special advisor" :

"As a Special Advisor to Rovio, David will help build the company’s entertainment strategy and transition Rovio to new areas in the entertainment business. David was instrumental in rebooting Marvel Studios and turning it into a blockbuster-producing powerhouse. We welcome his experience and vision as we continue broadening our entertainment production scope at Rovio."

So it is likely that David Maisel will be contributing to both The Avengers and Angry Birds.
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