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This is hilarious! Marcel the shell...the latest and greatest sensation!
DCF - 1/21/2011

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has supplied Marvel Animation Age with new images from the upcoming Wolverine and The X-Men: Revelation DVD release, hitting shelves May 4th, 2010.
DCF - 4/29/2010

Updates on the cancellation of animated series Wolverine and The X-Men and The Spectacular Spider-Man were provided over the weekend at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo convention.
DCF - 4/19/2010

Marvel Studios has anounced a new animated series based on the acclaimed Ultimate Spider-Man comic series is in the works for a Fall 2011 premiere on the Disney XD network.
DCF - 4/17/2010

Please don't misconstrue this as criticism of the actors who ultimately did don the masks, capes or claws of a given character. It's more like a glimpse into a parallel universe, where different choices were made - and some awesome movies resulted.
DCF - 4/17/2010

The story behind an iconic image.
DCF - 4/10/2010

The Canadian network Teletoon has released schedule details for Wolverine and The X-Men and "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" episodes slated to air on the network for the month of April 2010.
DCF - 3/29/2010

"This guy has carried around this joke around for three long years ... the guy's making a billion dollars on a Smurf-murdering movie and he's stewing about a joke nobody heard on a network that nobody watched."
DCF - 3/28/2010

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural drama series that premiered September 22, 2005 on CBS. The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) at Quantico, Virginia.
DCF - 3/27/2010

The Canadian network Teletoon has provided Marvel Animation Age with the April 2010 episode schedule for The Spectacular Spider-Man.
DCF - 3/23/2010

Conan the Adventurer was the name of a popular American animated television series adaptation of the literary and comic book character, Conan the Barbarian, created by Robert E. Howard in the 1930s. Produced by Jetlag Productions and Sunbow Productions, the series debuted in September 1992, ran for 64 episodes and concluded one year later, on November 22, 1993.
DCF - 3/22/2010

This doesn't exactly fit the mold here but this is too funny not to share.
DCF - 3/17/2010

"After Peter has some luck selling footage of a celebrity he caught off-guard, he decides to become a full-time paparazzo."
DCF - 3/16/2010

Saturday mornings are just not the same anymore. A walk down memory lane.
DCF - 3/14/2010

The second part of season 1 of Spider Man Unlimited. Enjoy!
DCF - 3/14/2010

Pryde of the X-Men is an animated television pilot originally broadcast in 1989 on the Marvel Action Universe television block, featuring Marvel Comics’ mutant superheroes the X-Men.
DCF - 3/13/2010

This is an overlooked animated series. Check out the first half of the first and only season of Spider Man Unlimited.
DCF - 3/13/2010

The battle between late night TV hosts Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno is over and done -- and now O'Brien is ready for his next move: a return to stand-up comedy.
DCF - 3/12/2010

In honor of Marvel comics 70th anniversary, here is a compilation of their animated intros:
DCF - 3/11/2010