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Vin Diesel Talks Fast Five

Vin Diesel talks about Fast Five, his relationship with "The Rock" and why he doesn't like giving interviews while he's working.
As part of their Atlanta Fast Five set visit, JoBlo talked to Vin Diesel about the film, Dwayne Johnson and his dislike for interviews while filming. below is only the beginning portion of an extremely interesting interview.

From Diesel...

I'm a little beat up, but I'm feeling good. Normally I wouldn't be talking to you guys. I wouldn't do press while I'm working, but since everyone else came and since you guys have been here all day, I'll talk to you guys for a second. But when I'm in work mode, I'm in work mode. These people are like, "You gotta go talk to the press," but I'm trying to make a [frick]ing movie. But you guys are here and I appreciate that.

You've been filming today and yesterday with Dwayne Johnson. Can you talk about that?

We've been filming this pretty intense scene. We've been filming this fight sequence that has been going on for what feels like a week. It's been pretty intense. I should have brought a picture. Actually, since you brought me over here, I'm going to show them a picture.

We talked to Dwayne and he said, "Yeah, I kick his ass."

Dwayne's great. He's been a buddy of mine for a long time.

Was it really important for you to find a great adversary to go against?

The role was initially written for a Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin and with today's level of physicality and, I guess the physicality that fans would expect from Dom -- I mean, Dom's a mechanic who races cars. He's not as vain as xXx. He's not an athlete like xXx. He's not a sci-fi/intergalactic killer like Riddick. He's like the most normal guy I got, really. But at the same time, the studio was wanting to find somebody who would be formidable enough to, I guess, increase the legend of Dom and whatever. Whatever way you could. I've known him for ten years. We've always wanted to do something together. There was a woman who left a comment on my facebook page about six months ago. Jan Kelly, I think. I don't know why I remember that. But she said, "I'd love to see you guys do a movie and I really think it would be dynamic." Justin and I were in New York earlier in the year talking about casting and I read this comment from one of the fans on the Facebook page. And next thing you know, we got my buddy in this movie. It's been pretty special. When you do a fight sequence like that, if you're working with an athlete like I did on Babylon -- I did it with a mixed martial artist named Jérôme Le Banner -- it added something dynamic to that scene. Who better skilled at the art of creating choreographed fight sequences than somebody who comes from a world of choreography? It was almost a perfect match in that regard to have somebody who would be taken that serious as a formidable opponent. Not to mention that, when Fast and Furious came out last year and opened at 72.5 opening weekend, the only person in Hollywood that called me to congratulate me was Dwayne. Kind of weird. Only person, out of all the people I've worked with. Not that they should. The only person who said anything, that said, "Congratulations, brother" was Dwayne. Long before we really knew when were going to shoot the next one.

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