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The Original Parrot Head, Jimmy Buffett Injured After Fall From Stage

Legendary, laid back, musician, singer, songwriter Jimmy Buffett is injured in a fall from an Australian concert stage.

Jimmy Buffett, the man who taught us all that Wasting Away in Margaritaville may not be such a bad thing after all, has been hospitalised after a fall during a concert in Sidney Australia. Buffet lay bleeding on the floor waiting for paramedics to arrive while fans were ushered out of the concert arena.

Don Bateman who was in attendance in the audience had this to say..

"We were in the 10th row and it looked like he did a massive face plant after his encore and pretty much didn't get up."

"We were told to leave the premises. No one really wanted to leave because everyone was anxious to know if he survived the fall. Everyone was pretty horrified.''

Thirty minutes after the initial fall, Buffet was taken to Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital, in Darlinghurst.

A statement posted at Buffets official website reads..

"As you probably already know, Jimmy had an accident while performing in Sydney last night and was taken to the hospital. The doctors say he is doing well and will be released tomorrow. More info as we get it, and thank you for all of your well-wishes!"

Below is video of the incident courtesy of YouTube. The fall takes place at the 3:47 mark.

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