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NEW AVENGERS returns in June.
Here is a little history lesson about the recent events in the
very popular comic called: The New Avengers.

The first issue, skillfully crafted by Brian Michael Bendis,with incredible art by mastermind David Finch, appeared in November 2004. Finch penciled the first six issues, and issues 11-13. Other great pencilers drew multiple-issue runs include Steve McNiven, Leinil Francis Yu, Billy Tan, and Stuart Immonen.

The team choose not to bowdown to the federal superhuman registration act,
after the events of the hit comic event Civil War.

the New Avengers team consists of Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America (Bucky Barnes), Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, and team leader Ronin (the once-deceased Hawkeye, restored to life).

the team, believing the presumed-dead Captain America (Civil War) is alive, attempts to rescue him. Spider-Man claims that if they get Captain America back, they can call themselves Avengers again; Luke Cage contends that they are Avengers already.(The New Avengers #28)

The New Avengers play a huge role in the "Secret Invasion".
An 8 part major event in marvel's rich history.
(The New Avengers #38-47)

After Secret Invasion, the new, New Avengers roster is Captain America (Bucky Barnes), Spider-Man, Ronin, Mockingbird, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel(The New Avengers #48), Wolverine and the real Spider-Woman. Iron Fist announces he must leave the group to attend to personal business. The team elects Ronin as the leader
and persuades Spider-Man to reveal his feircly guarded secret identity to his fellow members.
(The New Avengers #51). While Spider-Man had previously exposed his identity to the world in compliance with the Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War #2) this revelation was erased from history by the demon Mephisto in The Amazing Spider-Man #545.

I know alot has happened!

Well after all that history behind us..Ohh I forgot to mention the whole
"Dark Reign" event thingy and the newsest event marvel has cooked up, Siege.

The series will end with The New Avengers #64 issue, and coincide with
the conclusion of the Seige event. A New Avengers Finale one-shot is being released In March 2010.

Don't worry,the series would be relaunched in June 2010 as part of the company's rebranding initiative, Heroic Age!

here are some pics of the newest cast for the New Avengers coming June 2010.



Jessica Jones

The Thing

Luke Cage

UPDATED: Here are some more members..some are SECRET some are NEW!

SECRET AVENGERS #1, from the superstar creative team of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato, this May!

Also reveiled is a character called VEIL!
AVENGERS ACADEMY #1, from the superstar creative team of Christos Gage & Mike McKone, this June!

Here is a teaser from the AVENGERS #1 from the superstar creative team of Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr, this May!

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