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Preview: Siege #3

Here is a nice preview as well as a recap as to what is going on in the "Seige" storyline.
Even though the Marvel event is only three issues in, which is more than half way because it is a "mini" event with only four issues for the whole story,
non-the-less it is being called "Marvel's blockbuster of the year!" Seige is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel

Here is a RECAP of recent events:

Norman Osborn, Once The GREEN GOBLIN, is the new political and media darling and
director of H.A.M.M..E.R, The national peackeeping task force, which includes his OWN team of AVENGERS.

Norman has unveiled his new identity as the IRON PATRIOT and has made BOLD moves across the United States to remake the country's status quo into his image of justice and fairness, an image that DOES NOT include MUTANT, MONSTER

The Mighty Thor, god of thunder, has recently returned to earth and brought the golden city of Asgard and all the gods who called it home. Asgard floats just feet above the field of Broxton Oklahoma.

With the coaxing of Thor's brother Loki, Norman aims his sights on Asgard. After manufacturing an incident that gave him an excuse to invade, Norman does exactly that -- in FULL FORCE, backed by his DARK AVENGERS. The corrupted criminal initiative teams and conventional H.A.M.M.E.R forces, and in front of the invited world media. His first act, ganging up on THOR on LIVE television, only services to enrage the HEROES aligning against norman, including the NEWLY
resurrected CAPTAIN AMERICA, Steve Rogers.

In the midst of battle ARES, god of war and one of NORMAN'S avengers, discovered the TRUTH behind Norman's invasion of Asgard. Betrayed and enraged, ARES turned on Osborn only to be brutally beaten and then utterly destroyed by norman's attack dogs, the NIGH INVULNERABLE and severely DERANGED, SENTRY.

Before the shock could wear off Captain America arrives with earth's
MIGHTIEST heroes in tow.

(man that was alot of typing! Let's get to some pictures!)

don't forget to get you're issue of SEIGE #3 on March 17th!
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Oh man, this looks [frick]ing epic!!! :D

Great find PETE! I just wish that this was more than 4 issues - it feels too short to really make the most of the event that's going on...I just hope we get Spider-Man vs. Norman Osborn - that is how this thing should end!
JoshW - 3/11/2010, 3:31 PM
JOSH- I totally agree! it should of been an 8 part
story like civil war or secret invasion!
SPIDER-MAN for the WIN! spidey and Norm
have been going head to head for A LONG
TIME now, it only seems FAIR to end THIS
story with at least an 8 page "splash" page
fight HAS to be EPIC..and I'm sure it will be!
PeterParker420 - 3/11/2010, 6:56 PM

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