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A New era for Moon Knight?

Gregg Hurwitz talks about bringing the
With the upcoming "Heroic Age" barreling toward us this June,
Moon Knight is heading toward a BOLD new direction.

Gregg Hurwitz shows us a peek behind the veil of secrecy surrounding this shocking new era for the moon-eyed man of mystery.

"We've got some great stuff coming up,"

Hurwitz adds:

"Moon Knight vs Deadpool. A Moon Knight power team-up with a cornerstone character from the Marvel Universe."

"And the return of Khonshu. This time, he's out for even more blood."

Moon Knight's psyche encompasses several personalities beyond his original, Marc Spector, (he adds)
"it's his Jake Lockley identity currently driving the bus."

Hurwitz goes on to describe Moon Knight's state of mind BEFORE
"Heroic Age" begins.

"He feels like he's won a victory. Jake seems to be more stable than Marc, he's fought Khonshu to a draw, But for Moon Knight, peace is an illusion."

So what will the tone be you ask?

"The tone will shift for a few episodes where I go old-school with some broad Marvel adventures and fun," teases Hurwitz.

"Then I'm going to dial it back to dark and intense with another longer arc."
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