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The Real Actors of Something Remote

Matt Heron Duranti and Sarah Neslusan talk Something Remote, and give us a look into their lives as up-and-coming stage and screen actors.
In making Something Remote, we found ourselves begging and borrowing to make the film and web series a reality. But once in a while you strike gold, and we at Broken Wall Films were lucky enough to have two real up-and-coming actors among us through the process. Today, we talk with Something Remote's favorite on-screen whipped couple, Matt Heron Duranti and Sarah Neslusan.

Rick Desilets: So let's start at the beginning. How did you two get involved in Something Remote in the first place?

Sarah Neslusan: In a very normal and semi-boring way. I was bored over the summer and looking for an artistic project, I found the audition notice online and showed up. But after meeting the guys, I knew it would be a fun project and I was really excited to get cast.

Matt Heron Duranti: I heard about the auditions for Something Remote, set up an appointment with Alex and Nick then came in and read for them. I originally read for the role of Lisa, but for some reason they didn't feel I fit the specs.

RD: Speaking of Lisa, the dynamic of the Three Guys dealing with Lisa seems to find its antithesis in the relationship of Skott and Shannon. If you had to pick sides on the relationship front, who would you back?

MHD: I have to back Mat. He is clearly looking out for the wellbeing of the group as a whole, and also for Neil. Neil doesn't realize it at first, but Lisa just isn't right for him, Mat knows this. It's not his fault he makes it look like he is only out for himself and his "precious TV time". He is just doing the right thing!

SN: Please. Shannon. I will admit, the way she gets her way across can sometimes be harsh— but she makes excellent points. I think at the heart of Shannon's fights, what she's really after is a little recognition and respect. I have to back that.

RD: Fair enough, fair enough. So how would you compare yourself to your characters as a whole?

SN: The truth is, I'm never one to intrude on "Guy's Night". I have a lot of male friends, but I know when they need some time female-free. Like Shannon though, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion— especially when it's something I fee strongly about.

MHD: Skott is the spitting image of myself. No, I never knew or met Alex and Nick before, but it's clear they typecast me. Damn they're good!

RD: Got a favorite memory working on the movie/series?

SN: I think the group dynamic has been my favorite part. Every minute has been a blast. There hasn't been a dull moment working with this cast, or developing Shannon's character.

RD: So you guys are both pretty active actors. What have you been doing since Something Remote? Working on anything cool?

SN: Well I'm still in school, so that takes up a bunch of my time, but I've certainly found time to act. I spent a semester studying Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre, and film with one of the teachers from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, then came home to Syracuse, NY to put up a play I wrote and work on a Pinter drama, while filming another web series called Collegetown which I'll continue to film for in the fall.

MHD: I have been keeping busy. I recently finished shooting a great dramatic film shot in Boston, Precipice. It was very cool, we filmed on the rooftop of a night club in Boston. Funny story. To my surprise, on the last night of shooting, I got a call from a producer friend who lived in Boston and he invited me to come to a club where they were filming a DVD wrap party for The Boondock Saints II. So he was hanging out with Troy Duffy (the director), Sean, Norman, and a few other cast and crew from the movie. So I said sure, and it turned out, the club they were at was the same club we were filming on top of earlier that day. So that was convenient. But I have been doing a lot of writing, and acting. I'm currently writing for a reality show, we just finished the pilot, and will be meeting with A&E and a few other studios this week. And I just wrapped my scenes for What's Your Number?, an Anna Feris movie. I filmed in Gloucester, MA, where I was cast as a caterer. I have a few other projects in pre-production as well. So things are going well!

RD: Well it sounds like you guys are keeping yourselves pretty busy! Best of luck in the future, and hopefully we can work together again sometime soon!

Matt Heron Duranti also appears as General Abel Livy in the Broken Wall Films-produced full-motion videos in C&C Labs' Command & Conquer 3: The Forgotten. You can follow him on his website, Matt in HD, or on his Twitter. Sarah Neslusan is a senior Acting student at Syracuse University, and you can see her in the upcoming web series Collegetown. And if you haven't yet, see them both in this week's episode, Boobs, Battles, and Violence.

It looks like we're coming to the end of the road. But we're not done yet! Tune in next Sunday for the series finale, Something on the Couch.

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