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Broken Wall Films' Something Remote follows roommates Neil, Mat, and Erik as they struggle to live together after the destruction of their television remote. Can Neil hold his relationship with Lisa together while trying to maintain his friendship with his roommates? Find out in this exciting 11-part webseries!
A Silk City Bromance
A Silk City Bromance
TOP STORY: A sneak preview of the film, and Broken Wall doesn't just find awards at Silk City. They also find... bromance. Read More!

A sneak preview of the Something Remote feature film, and Broken Wall Films gets closer and cowboyier than ever before.
Rick Desilets - 8/2/2010

Bloopers from the Something Remote web series and behind the scenes footage from Something Between Friends
Rick Desilets - 8/1/2010

Neil has a shocking announcement.
Rick Desilets - 7/25/2010

Matt Heron Duranti and Sarah Neslusan talk Something Remote, and give us a look into their lives as up-and-coming stage and screen actors.
Rick Desilets - 7/18/2010

Neil, Erik, and Mat meet with Skott and his girlfriend Shannon for some laser tag, and things really heat up.
Rick Desilets - 7/18/2010

Mat, Erik, and Skott visit Neil at work and intentionally make things awkward.
Rick Desilets - 7/11/2010

The guys meet up with one of Neil’s old schoolmates. He’s fun, he’s obnoxious, he’s Steev!
Rick Desilets - 7/4/2010

Erik, Mat, and Neil get naked, have a towel party, and do their typical thing.
Rick Desilets - 6/27/2010

Rick Desilets and Matt Heron-Duranti star in C&C Labs' Command & Conquer 3: The Forgotten, the first C&C mod to include full-motion video, produced by Broken Wall Films.
Rick Desilets - 6/23/2010

Some underlying tension bubbles up and spurts out in an awkwardly sexual way.
Rick Desilets - 6/20/2010

Something Remote producers Nick Allain and Steve DiTullio talk about what it took to take the film and webseries from paper to screen.
Rick Desilets - 6/16/2010

Mat goes shopping and runs into a couple familiar faces in the Monk Jam aisle.
Rick Desilets - 6/13/2010

Something Remote's creator, writer, and director Alex Laferriere talks about the film and web series. Plus, an EMF scoop! What's the big news on the couch?
Rick Desilets - 6/9/2010

Confusion strikes as the Three Guys become unstuck in time.
Rick Desilets - 6/6/2010

Series stars C/J Haley and John Selig talk about their time on the couch.
Rick Desilets - 6/2/2010

Erik, Mat, and Neil get locked out of the apartment and run into some trouble.
Rick Desilets - 5/30/2010

Just what the hell convinced Mat to put a corn cob in the microwave?
Rick Desilets - 5/26/2010

Matt, Erik, and Neil take part in a little science experiment.
Rick Desilets - 5/23/2010

Series creator Alex Laferriere and executive producer Nick Allain talk about the origins of Broken Wall Films, and where it's going.
Rick Desilets - 5/19/2010

Mat, Neil, and Erik find something broken.
Rick Desilets - 5/16/2010