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Meet Gemma Arterton

The former Bond girl will be in two sword & sorcery movies this year: Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia
Gemma Arterton is an up and coming 24 year old British actress. Since she's in not one but TWO sword & sorcery movies, let's take a look at what she has to say about these flicks, shall we?

She can be seen first this year in Clash of the Titans as Zeus' lover Io in the Louis Leterrier remake and had this to say about action scenes and doing her own stunts:

"I've still got scars on my knees from when I was filming Clash Of The Titans - we were up a volcano and there was like gravelly sort of floor and I had to roll down a hill and it was called the 'Clash rash'; everyone ended up getting it, just cuts all over themselves,"

"It was good though. It was kind of like marks to show how hard I worked, on my knees. They are there forever,"


Later, Arterton will co star with Jake Gyllenhall in

"Yeah, so I play Tamina, who’s the princess of Alamut, which is a city that the Persians invade. I’m kind of kidnapped so I hate the Persians, although my character doesn’t really feel hate. She’s very spiritual so she just dislikes them (laughs) and they have this real kind of love-hate kind of relationship. It’s very full of banter and I like to compare it to Beatrice and Benedict in “Much Ado about Nothing.” Obviously, they fancy each other but they don’t show it. They find out all this stuff about the bad things that are happening in Persia, and so they kind of join forces and learn from each other and the film kind of like a journey. It follows them a lot, mainly Dastan, but she’s kind of like his right-hand girl and they have their own journeys which is to find themselves in a new light through each other’s upbringings. So there’s a lot of wit and banter, there’s also a romance there, there’s a lot of comedy but also a real seriousness as well, which is a really great thing about this film. It’s not just an action-adventure, it’s not just a romance, it’s not just this or that. There’s loads of drama, and it takes you in loads of different directions all the time. You think it’s gonna be like this and then it completely changes and becomes really dark or really light. So the relationship between Dastan and Tamina has got all of that."

Gemma also had this to say to MSN about her blossoming career in a different interview:

"I'd really like the type of career Rachel Weisz has. I have a lot of respect for her, brilliant, talented, intelligent, a witty sort of woman. You know, she'll do a rom-com - not that I ever want to do a rom-com - but then she'll go off and do 'The Constant Gardener', have a family and live quite a normal life, it seems. I respect that."
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