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Swords slashing and plenty of blood. What's not to love with this new trailer?
DogsOfWar - 6/14/2010

Olga Kurylenko takes center stage in this batch of new stills from Centurion!
Brent Sprecher - 6/13/2010

Paul WS Anderson's new adaptation of the Dumas classic has added more star power to it's cast.
ecksmanfan - 5/26/2010

In this exclusive one-on-one interview, Bruckheimer discusses Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Pirates of the Caribbean 4
EdGross - 5/25/2010

Robert Rodriguez will be adapting the Ralph Bakshi classic.
DogsOfWar - 5/20/2010

Also, director Tarsem Singh shares his insights on the movie.
DogsOfWar - 5/18/2010

UPDATED: Pirates 4 is going to be shot in 3D as opposed to having the process added in post. The release date remains May of 2011.
EdGross - 5/17/2010

Also, some video from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time world premier.
DogsOfWar - 5/13/2010

Some new pictures have arrived as well.
DogsOfWar - 5/5/2010

This new trailer gives you options to go behind the scenes and more!
DogsOfWar - 5/4/2010

The movie has been kept very tightly under wraps but some pictures have finally emerged from Utah!
DogsOfWar - 5/2/2010

He says previous versions of Robin Hood have relied too much on the "usual cliches".
DogsOfWar - 4/30/2010

Mike Fleming at has a report on the development of sequels to Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, though both may have significant creative differences from the originals.
EdGross - 4/27/2010

What do you get with a bucket of LEGO's, a digital camera and a laptop?
DogsOfWar - 4/26/2010

Merlin continues its season two run on SyFy, and we have an exclusive audio interview with actor Bradley James who portrays Prince Arthur, who, of course, is destined to become king.
EdGross - 4/23/2010

Now that The Losers is hitting theaters tomorrow, White is moving on to do one of two projects, but which one?
DogsOfWar - 4/22/2010

“It’ll be a fascinating experience, maybe shooting in parts of India, they tell me, and China. I’ve never worked in either of those countries, so that’ll be new.'
DogsOfWar - 4/22/2010

Three new clips have been released!
DogsOfWar - 4/21/2010

A sprinkling of new footage as well
DogsOfWar - 4/18/2010

The Spartacus actress talks about sex, gore and
DogsOfWar - 4/14/2010