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Sylvain White Needs To Decide Which Sword To Yield

Now that The Losers is hitting theaters tomorrow, White is moving on to do one of two projects, but which one?
The filmmaker has two projects ready to start. In one corner, he has a retelling of the King Arthur legend, tentatively called Pendragon with Fox. In the other is Frank Miller's classic, Ronin, which would have him staying at Warner Brothers. got the opportunity to ask him about both movies.

Pendragon is an origin story looking at characters like Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere as they meet at Camelot. The tale has been told repeatedly, so what new angle would this movie bring?

"..the cool thing is that it’s an origin story and it’s reinvented and it’s kind of told like a fairy tale, so it’s not like the sort of historically-accurate King Arthur incarnations that we’ve seen in the past that are very serious in tone and with the authentic armor and everything. This is sort of an off-reality feel, but it still has all of the sort of classic elements of the mythology and it’s very cool, it’s very fun, and that’s what made it fresh and different for me."

Ronin is based off the graphic novel surrounding a dishonored samurai warrior from 13th century Japan who gets sent into a futuristic New York. His quest takes him through the violent Manhattan netherworld, and brings him face-to-face with passion, betrayal, murder... and the reincarnation of his sworn enemy, the ancient demon Agat. On a bleak and decaying battleground, the two foes wage a final war: to settle past debts, and for the soul of a dying civilization.

"I’ve had some interaction initially with him, and to me what’s important, because particularly what that source material needs is a certain level of adaptation because it’s so esoteric and intellectual."

"I feel like he’s the original author, and there’s some respect that needs to be there, and I certainly would want him to approve of the movie I’m making."

So, which will it be? A Samurai seeking to regain his honor or a Knight who would be King? Personally, I think it would be incredible to see Frank Miller's impressive work brought to the big screen. His adaptations have been hit and miss. I honestly hope he would be more of a sideline player with this.

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