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Lucy Lawless Loves Being Wicked

The Spartacus actress talks about sex, gore and
Spartacus: Blood and Sand comes to a season end this Friday. Starz has found a ratings winner in the bloody series but it could be on extended hiatus while star, Andy Whitfield, recovers from treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Lucy Lawless says "he's feeling much better." The LA Times got a chance to sit down with the 42 year old who plays Lucretia. Here are some of the excerpts:

"My husband [Robert G. Tapert ] happens to be the executive producer and had been working on this for years.... Even though the role scared me a little, I knew it was just a new kind of television and I wanted to be part of that.... I had never played a Lady Macbeth role, and who doesn't want to do that? I like to either see the wickedness in regular humans, or the human side in wicked human beings."

What about all the blood and violence, is it too much?

"There are buckets and buckets of blood! I've got to be honest.... When I saw the pilot, I did go "Oh my God, perhaps those scenes are a little over the top." My husband calls it "pilotitis." I think it reined itself in a bit, though."

Even most later episodes still have a fair amount of violence. One battle scene has gladiator slicing off another guy's face.

"The crew was so excited about that, they thought that was one of the greatest things ever shot. Every single one of these episodes has one of those "Oh my God did you see that?" water cooler moments. Every show has one of those, and maybe three."

Are the fight scenes and unusual sexual habits historically accurate?

"I don't think that it's too far from the truth, but obviously that violence is all ramped up and stylized. It's entertainment. But apparently that is accurate."

Lawless also talked about a scene where she and her husband are being "prepared" for sex with each other. In her case, a slave reaches beneath her gown. What were you thinking when you first realized what the scene called for?

"I was thinking...."Hello, we're not in Kansas anymore!" I knew this was one of those OMG-water-cooler moments. But the cool thing is that the whole time the husband and wife are talking business. It's as if they are just scratching an itch. Bizarre, repellent and you can't look away!"

LA Times then followed that up with: Everyone knows the actors are not actually having sex during the sex scenes on "Spartacus." But the question needs to be asked: What, exactly, was going on under your gown? Air guitar?

"Totally air guitar! Damn, I wish I had thought of that myself. Nothing was going on down there. It's kind of like a stunt fight. Looks like a hit, but there's no contact. Smoke and mirrors, my friend."
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