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Spartacus Episode Recap 7 Great And Unfortunate Things

Includes a preview for episode 8.
Ep 107 'Great And Unfortunate Things' - Overcome by the pressure of Batiatus's control, Spartacus must make a choice: leave his past behind and assume the mantle of a champion gladiator, or die. Spartacus has to make a huge decision regarding his fellow Thracians. He has gone from an unruly slave-gladiator to a man who's accepted that he has a destiny.

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Spartacus is suffering, but Batiatus says that despite his grief they must turn their attention to the future. Batiatus declares that he can proceed to mold Spartacus into a great gladiator.

Doctore checks in on the still injured Crixus and asks the Medicus to keep him informed of his feverish condition. Lucretia tells Crixus that she unfortunately won’t be able to visit him privately down in the Ludus but will send Naevia to attend to his needs. Crixus catches Naevia’s eye at the mention of this good news.

Batiatus receives Mercato, a rich patron who comes to procure gladiators for the games he’s putting on. He’d planned to purchase the services of Crixus but seeing how his injuries have taken him out of action, his thought turns to Spartacus. With the addition of a substantial extra sum, Batiatus sees no problem with this.

Varro is shocked at seeing his wife Aurelia and son Janus. She informs him that she is with child; a child that is not Varro’s. He exits, leaving her in tears.

Spartacus informs Batiatus that he will play in the games with one condition: he will fight alone. Spartacus declares that if the gods are with him he will not fall. Batiatus reluctantly agrees to the deal but with his own condition, that if he is victorious the Thracian inside of him has to die and he must then embrace his new identity.

Spartacus waits in the chutes in the arena, dressed in Roman battle dress, clutching two swords, as six prisoners are led into the arena. The prisoners fan out to attack and Spartacus remains motionless, eyes closed, feeling the sun on his face, a man putting his fate in the gods’ hands.

Mercato is pleased with Batiatus for having put on such a good show. Batiatus enjoys the moment, shares a happy look with Lucretia. Spartacus, blood soaked and exhausted, absorbs the cheers that rain down from the stands. He throws his arms up and declares, “I Am Spartacus!” Batiatus grins from above, in triumphant satisfaction.

And now, a preview for Episode 108 "Mark of Brotherhood"

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