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Robin Hood Strives For Authenticity

Check out what Russell Crowe has been working on.
Plus, a new international poster has been released.
Ay up, me duck readers! What was that? Well, if you are versed with the colloquial terms of an East Midlands accent you would know that is a common greeting. Russell Crowe surely knows. He has been working hard with dialect coaches to play the first Robin Hood with an authentic East Midlands accent. Director, Ridley Scott, is aiming for realism with this remake and wanted to make sure language and accents were fully part of it.

While an impressive number of films have been inspired by the original tale of Robin Hood and his band of his merry men, in England, it's long been lamented how routinely Robin's accent gets butchered, most notably in Kevin Costner's bizarrely American interpretation in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Scott hired two voice coaches for his latest venture: Judy Dickerson, an American who has helped Crowe on previous films, including Gladiator, for which he won an Oscar, and Andrew Jack, an Englishman who worked with other cast members, such as Cate Blanchett, who plays Maid Marian.

They chose to focus on nearby Rutland, instead of picking a Nottingham accent. “It’s more rural and softer and so more suited to the countryside of Sherwood,” said Jack. The outlaws have been taught to pronounce Nottingham as “Noddinham”, cup as “corp” and taking as “tekking” for the film as just a few examples.

The international poster has also just been released.

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