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Sam Worthington Loves To Be The Hero

"I remember Louis' office - he had pictures of giant scorpions, the Medusa … I went, 'Oh, I know what this movie is: it's a lot of fun, it's just a boisterous romp,' - y'know, which is what it is."
Is Sam Worthington the next go to Action Hero? If Clash of the Titans takes off, he will be one step closer. Recently Sam sat down with his hometown paper, The Sydney Morning Herald and shared his excitement for the upcoming film.

On director Louis Leterrier and the fantastical nature of the movie:

"Louis knows how to swing a camera around and I'd seen his other films and we hit it off. Y'know, he's a mad Frenchman, I'm a mad Australian and then we dive into this crazy world with the Kraken, the Medusa and a flying horse. It ain't that hard."

"It's not a history lesson. It's like a Raiders of the Lost Ark or a Star Wars in the sense of it's a group of people on an epic adventure with a bunch of creatures that we have to take seriously in order for the audience to be able to not take it too seriously and have a good time."

Worthington sees his action movies as a progression of growth:

"If the Terminator [I played] is a man who is born, like a baby opening to the new world, and Avatar is, y'know, I played him as Ridley, my nine-year-old nephew, becoming a teenager, this is the boisterous teenager becoming a man," Worthington says. "You can't tell Perseus what to do. He goes on a Charles Bronson-like rampage and realises maybe he's just got to kind of calm down a bit, dilute the aggression of being a troublesome teen and grow into a man.

"The message that we wanted to push was that you don't have to do everything as a god."

Here is also a pretty cool behind the scenes video from Entertainment Tonight

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