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Is Red Sonja Going To Be A Fox?

Possible big casting shake up in the ever-derailed movie.
Rose McGowan is out for the lead role in Red Sonja. This according to website Pajiba. The movie has had quite a few problems getting made these last few years: injuries, financing and script issues just to name a few. So, who is in for the lead female warrior role? None other than Megan Fox

Pajiba's site reports:

"...according to our insider source, The Hollywood Cog. The broader truth, it seems, is that the previous incarnation of the Red Sonja remake has been scrapped, as some have already speculated. Rose McGowan is off. In fact, it seems that director, Douglas Aarniokoski, is also off the project, and Millennium Films is searching for another writer, someone to take another pass at David N. White’s script. But the project is far from dead.

The potentially bigger news, here, however, is that not only is Rose McGowan out, but right now, there’s an offer out to another actress to take the role. That actress? Megan Fox."

Now Pajiba is not always the most accurate source for news (but then, who is). The one thing that gave me pause on this though is that Rose McGowan has been cast in Conan as a completely different character. There were talks that Red Sonja would appear as a crossover. The two production companies have ties and are suppose to shoot at the same studio. Obviously Red Sonja is nowhere close to that at this point.

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