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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Action At Wonder Con

The Prince of Persia star says all the action is based on the story line.

MTV caught up with Jake Gyllenhaal at San Fransisco's Wonder Con this past weekend. The Prince of Persia game has been around for over twenty years and Jake remembers the early incarnation. "I played their original side-scrolling version of the game when I was a kid," laughed 29-year-old Gyllenhaal recently, "And then I took a little hiatus."

Let's face it, most video game movies have not been very good. Jake knows this too and has a theory as to why and how his movie will be different:

"The reason why most video games movies haven't been successful up until now is the fact that most of the action that takes place is stuff that we've seen before [in the game], but hasn't had a reason in the story line that makes sense. So, in this movie we decided that everything the prince did in the movie had to have a reason. If he were going to jump on a wall and run over to get away from somebody, or he's going to jump from building to building, there had to be an obstacle. It had to be based on something that he had learned, or based in the story line."

"Most of the time you just see really cool stunts and people doing really cool things, but you don't know why, who has flat-out said that there's never been a good video game movie made. "[Our action] all ties back into the ultimate story."
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