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Russell Crowe Says Robin Hood Is A Normal Bloke

The award winning actor likes his characters down to earth persona.
Russell Crowe is a passionate man. When he dives into something, its head first. The actor is doing it once again with Robin Hood and is delving deep into the character's roots.

"Robin's really normal, [but he can do great things.] He is not a superhero, he doesn't have a cape. He's normal. He's just a bloke. But he's a man who's seen a lot of things and understands how it all works. [Going back and forth to the Crusades] he's been through France, been through Italy, seen the control of the church, been through Greece and he understands that democracy works. He's seen all of the great empires of his time, come back to his own country and realises that his own people are the poorest of all, and that things must change.'' At this point, Crowe embarks on a long and learned dissertation on the times of Robin Hood and King John, what the Magna Carta was about, the Forest Charter and so forth. Progressively more passionate, it is clear he has spent months studying the subject, trying to understand the dynamics of the times, and Robin Hood's role in them. This is something he does for every film."

"To me it is the job. I like to work with filmmakers who understand it is a real benefit if I become an expert on that particular subject on their behalf."

Which is why he is teaming up again with Ridley Scott.
"Ridley and I are like an old married couple, or we're like a father-son unit, I'm not sure which. He knows I would take a bullet for him, I would jump in front of a bus for him. And if he needs that thing now, I will do that thing right now. We've been in trenches together too many times to do anything else."

Crowe, who will receive his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, will be letting his children see him on film for the first time with this movie.
"Really, all kids have gotta see Robin Hood. It is important to grow up with that thing in your mind."
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Sydney Morning Herald

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