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The Last Stand goes multilingual and little girls get viral!
Martin Vavra - 5/4/2010

Season one comes to a close with more revelations, more mystery, and more zombies.
Martin Vavra - 4/21/2010

Continue to feed your zombie addiction with The Last Stand. Show your growing hunger with one of our shirts!
Martin Vavra - 4/13/2010

The zombie story continues with episode 3. Hope is crushed, bodies pile up, and a course of action is set!
Martin Vavra - 4/5/2010

The second episode of the webseries about a zombie apocalypse is here!
Martin Vavra - 3/30/2010

The Last Stand is a web series about survival and redemption in a zombie apocalypse nightmare. An airborne virus known as the Campion Virus, is spreading like wildfire through the populous. Seven people are running from zombie, the left overs of the military trying to fire bomb the infected, and themselves.
Martin Vavra - 3/22/2010

Martin Vavra - 3/22/2010

Episode 5 of the last stand brings more apocalypse and more tears.
Martin Vavra - 3/22/2010

Martin Vavra - 3/22/2010

The making of episode 2 of The Last Stand
Martin Vavra - 3/22/2010

Sometimes the walking dead aren't the only thing to fear.
Martin Vavra - 3/21/2010