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Episode 3 of The Last Stand is unleashed on Earth's Mightiest!

The zombie story continues with episode 3. Hope is crushed, bodies pile up, and a course of action is set!
Thanks for checking out episode 3 of The Last Stand. I am very proud of this episode as it was my first action sequence that I got to film. Now that I have one under my belt, I want more, so episode 6 will reflect my desire for more!

The unique aspect of this episode is where it is filmed. The old building that this takes place in is call The Lotus Hotel, in Portland, Oregon. Only the downstairs restaurant remains. The upstairs rooms have been closed and condemned since the 1960's, when earthquake renovations proved to costly to remain open. Since the closing of the upstairs, the area has only been used one other time. That one other time was for Gus Van Zant's movie, My Own Private Idaho, in which the open scenes with Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix where filmed. AND I GOT TO FILM THERE! It was the most perfect post apocalyptic place to film. We did no set dressing because it was already a wreck! I really lucked out.

This episode also introduces a character at the end that you will all learn more about in episode 4. So sit back and enjoy The Last Stand Episode 3: Purpose in Chaos.

The Last Stand Episode 3: Purpose in Chaos from Galaxy Sailor on Vimeo.

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