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The Dark Knight Computer Virus!

You won't believe how I got all this !@#$%!! on my computer...

The story on how I got this poster. I left my PC running overnight because I was downloading a video file(by the way I'm still on dial-up if you're wondering why it takes me overnight to download a video file). When I woke up and checked my computer this is already the wallpaper. Freaky, huh? The only thing I remember doing the previous night, aside from downloading that vid, was checking some pics I could use for my mock-up poster for GL. The sites I remembered visiting was obviously DC and WB, then some random sites.

Anyways, I'm not sure if this is legit though I think I read it from this site also, that Nolan might have his sights back on the bat, still I'll take this with a grain of salt.

Though, what I could get from the poster is this. I think it's referencing Riddler because of the clues (I did notice the question marks). I'm just not sure what imagine means. Imagine what? Though I do see at one of the browsers at the back the teaser that was featured in this site also.

Well, it seems this is like a movement in the Dark Knight Camp. I am one of those who do hope that Nolan could finish up his Batman series with a Trilogy.
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