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"Maybe in the end, what makes heroes into that we're just too stupid to quit and as result, even in the face of total defeat...we occasionally luck into a win." --MULTIPLE MAN
P0llMaster - 6/14/2011

BLOB: The Immovable
"A lot of good that piece of tin will do you!! You're fighting the BLOB now -- the one enemy you can't ever beat!"--BLOB
P0llMaster - 6/14/2011

"I have been cheated of my birthright... my human essence and now... my just and long-awaited revenge -- but I will not be cheated of my honor gaijin dog!" --LADY DEATHSTRIKE
P0llMaster - 6/12/2011

"I'll strip the meat of your bones before you can reach me."
P0llMaster - 6/11/2011

ANGEL SALVADORE is a mutant with wings that resembles that of dragonflies. She was once a student at the Xavier Institute until she lost her mutant powers on M-Day. She then joined the New Warriors as Tempest.
P0llMaster - 6/10/2011

"Mortal? Who are you calling mortal? I am as far beyond such a label as you are. Except I see that mortality and you...are not so far apart as you would have us think. "--DARWIN
P0llMaster - 6/9/2011

"We'll contact those mutants, just as Xavier plans to -- only the Hellfire Club will get there first, and recruit them -- by hook or by crook. And if, along the way, we manage to acquire -- or eliminate -- some of the X-Men, so much the better. "
P0llMaster - 6/9/2011

"I'm shallow ... all surface glitter and flash -- just like my stupid powers!"
P0llMaster - 6/7/2011

"my plans are based on my infallible aim--and my unique ability to turn anything into a most potent weapon."
P0llMaster - 6/7/2011

"Do you know what happens to a TOAD when it gets struck by lightning? ... The same thing that happens to everything else."
P0llMaster - 6/6/2011

" The Sweet air of freedom is once again mine to breathe. It shall not be taken from me again!"
P0llMaster - 6/5/2011

A REGULAR comicbook fan's take on Fox's new installment of the X-Men Franchise. Is it a Bust or a Must Watch? [Not a spoiler free review, you've been warned.]
P0llMaster - 6/4/2011

"I killed every living thing on Czarnia fer fun. I killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny an' things that don't even exist, an' so help me, I tried ta follow th' triple-fold path o' peace. I tried my best... but frag me for a bastich, even I got limits!"
P0llMaster - 5/21/2011

"The battle between Heaven and Hell has waged eternal, their armies fueled by souls harvested on Earth. The devil, Malebolgia, has sent a lieutenant to Earth to recruit men who will turn the world into a place of death in exchange for wealth and power, a place that will provide enough souls to complete his army and allow Armageddon to begin. All the Dark Lord needs now is a great soldier, someone who can lead his hordes to the gates of Heaven and burn them down." -- Cogliostro
P0llMaster - 5/18/2011

"If you do not pay the utmost attention, magic can get away from you in a heartbeat. Every spell, every sigil, every manipulation... you must keep a close eye on everything so it doesn't backfire." --DR STRANGE
P0llMaster - 5/18/2011

"My background is in western medicine and the scientific method. Lately, though, I've undergone certain experiences I can't explain." --DR FATE
With SMALLVILLE finally over, this week "Know Your CBM Characters" will feature heroes and villains that has a history with the show.
P0llMaster - 5/17/2011

"Quit trying to talk to him. We're not fighting a man, he's a tank! Treat him as such! Go for the kill." --DEATHSTROKE
With SMALLVILLE finally over, this week "Know Your CBM Characters" will feature heroes and villains that has a history with the show.
P0llMaster - 5/16/2011

Smallville will soon be a memory (either fond or not). It is time to look back at the heroes the show helped brought to life, and know more about their comicbook roots.
P0llMaster - 5/13/2011

"Hey, pay attention to me! I'm fascinating." --ZATANNA Zatara

With Smallville ending, it is time to look back at the heroes they helped brought to life, and take a look at their comicbook roots.
P0llMaster - 5/12/2011

"Many there are who assume that I eat only to escape a nagging shrew of a wife. Nonsense! I eat only because I enjoy it!"
P0llMaster - 5/11/2011