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ANGEL SALVADORE is a mutant with wings that resembles that of dragonflies. She was once a student at the Xavier Institute until she lost her mutant powers on M-Day. She then joined the New Warriors as Tempest.

ANGEL SALVADORE, who is often simply called Angel is a fictional character in the X-Men universe created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver. She first appeared in New X-Men #118.
First Appearance

ANGEL SALVADORE mutation first manifested when she was fourteen. Driven out of her home by his abusive stepfather. One morning she found herself waking up in a cocoon developing a pair of insect wings.
Angel mistreated by her stepfather

She is then captured by a group of men who harvest mutant parts to use for their own purposes. Wolverine came to her rescue and brought her to Xavier's school.

At the institute at first, Angel does not fit in well, but She would later prove helpful fighting alongside the X-Men and their pupils against menaces like Cassandra Nova.
Angel with her schoolmates the Stepford Cuckoos

Also in the Xavier Institute he met and later fell in love with a strange-looking mutant, Barnell Bohusk who is also known as Beak.

Growing closer Angel and Beak were then assigned to the “Special Class,” which was taught by the mysterious Chinese mutant known as Xorn. There, both Angel and Beak found a common acceptance and friends.

After a couple of Amorous tryst, Angel revealed to Beak that she is pregnant.

Because of her mutation, Angel's pregnancy came to full term in only 5 days. She then laid a large clutch of insect-like eggs. When they hatched the children look mostly human but with some of Angel's fly characteristics (such as insect-like wings) or Beak's chicken morphology.

Angel's instructor Xorn claims that he actually is Magneto he then use his influence over the Special Class to convince them to join his new Brotherhood.

Angel and Beak would then change back to the side of the X-Men. When Xorn is finally defeated they return to the institute, ANGEL SALVADORE and Beak would then be allowed to stay in a cabin near the Institute mansion, to live as a family.
Here's the Bohusk household eating a meal their own way

During the event called "M-Day" where the powerful Scarlet Witch uttered the hex spell “No more mutants”, ANGEL SALVADORE, her family with Beak, and million more mutants find themselves depowered. Only one of their children remained a mutant.

"Regular" looking ANGEL SALVADORE and Beak

Still cannot let of superhero adventures, ANGEL SALVADORE along with Beak resurfaced in the newest incarnation of the New Warriors. Angel now goes by the name Tempest, she has gained fire, ice and wind/flight powers given to her through technological means by New Warriors leader Night Thrasher. Together, the two have an apartment and still are in custody of their six children.

Tempest with Beak, who is now known as Blackwing

Zoë Kravitz
ANGEL SALVADORE appears in the 2011 film X-Men: First Class. She is introduced as a stripper at a club, and was recruited by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr into their team to fight the Hellfire Club. However, she switched sides and joins the Hellfire Club.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

As a mutant:
Formerly, she had a partially insectoid anatomy along the lines of the housefly that gave her corrosive spit and insectoid wings that allowed her to fly.

As Tempest:
She gained technologically based fire, ice, and flight powers from the new costume given to her.

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