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PollMaster Review and Rates X-MEN First Class

A REGULAR comicbook fan's take on Fox's new installment of the X-Men Franchise. Is it a Bust or a Must Watch? [Not a spoiler free review, you've been warned.]

PollMaster Rates X-Men First Class

Very Bad





as a ComicBookMovie






Faithfulness to the "comics"

a) character design

Noooh! Those basterds what have they done to you?!

Barely resembles the comic character

Some changes here and there but is still recognizable

Character look is altered for the movie but the design works

Perfect translation from Comics to Movie



b) character personality

"Get out I don't know who you are!"

"Hmmm... I recognize you somewhere?"

"Oh! Hi… hello there."

"This is different but it fits you."

"NOW that's You!"



c) relation to comicbook storyline

No relation to any comicbook storyline

Generic comic-fare that would fit any other character

Some hint of inspiration from the comics

Original story that is custom fit for the comic character

Excellent adaptation / great story inspired by a comic storyline



as a MOVIE

Picture In General

Vomit Inducing


Just Ok

It was Goooood

Uber Great!




lousy and clunky screenshots

noticeable amateur shots

Still a watchable movie

Good scene compositions

Innovative and memorable scenes




Skill Non-existent



Inhabits the Character

Is the Character!




Nauseating and Repulsive

Zzzzzzz… wha… what was that?

That was nice… Next!

It's good

Whoa! Mindblowing!



Movie Editting

A monkey could have done better

A monkey has done it

Nice but there's still some monkeying around

A monkey has nothing on you





Worse than Crap







Visual FX

I'll gorge my eyes out now

I'm squinting

Doesn't make me dizzy

Good to look at

Amazing to look at



Costume Design

Good Gawd!

You won't see it near me


Love to have one

I MUST... get me one of those



Sound Editting

After that, I wish I was deaf!

A monkey is doing it again.

I didn't really mind it.

Nicely done

Kudos! Bravo!




No way that's music!

"Amateurs clanging in the basement"

Highschool Musical Presentation?

Now that's good music

Angelic Chorus



Good Movie



Good CBM




Definitely a must see in theaters.

I finally watched X-Men First Class , I am probably one of the last few in this site but this won’t stop me from putting in my two cents in rating and reviewing the movie. First, I think I need to say that this review will be peppered with a lot of *SPOILERS*for the unlucky few who have not seen it yet.

Before I watched X-MEN First Class I avoided as much as possible any news spoilers and read any reviews, to have a more personal appreciation of the film (which is not an easy feat when you frequent this site). Therefore, you have to pardon me if at times I might be echoing some of the sentiments already given by other reviewers.
Now on to the movie- If you are not much of a comicbook fan and just a regular moviegoer I think this movie will be enjoyable. The movie has a James Bond mixed with a Harry Potter vibe into it, which I think “Joe Public” has a liking for.
If you are a comicbook fan, then this movie could go either way. If you are a comicbook fan who easily accepts alternate universes/realities, and if you could have that state of mind going in watching this movie, then you will be fine as well. However, if you are a comicgeek who sticks strongly to canon then the movie will present many problems for you, good luck!

The Review
The characters in this movie actually looks a good deal like their comicbook counterparts, some better than others. The Professor and Magneto started out different from what we are accustomed to, but later fall into a familiar place. Mystique, not much of a comicbook adaptation there but they have run with this design on the previous films and it still works here. The full “reveal” and her acceptance of who she is a high-point for the character. The cameo of Rebecca Romijn is short but sweet, an odd nod to continuity considering how many changes they went with in this movie. Beast started out looking normal except for his big feet, and the first time we see him in his furry-self felt a bit odd and too “make-uppy”, and the actor’s voice just doesn’t sound right when he was in “full Beast” mode. By the way do not expect any explanation on why he looks normal in X2 and back to furry Beast in the third movie, though I do like the implied explanation on how he got his blue tinged from Mystique. The other X-characters actually look good, and if you can get past why they were in this movie, then you can totally enjoy it. I have to say I also like Kevin Bacon’s portrayal of Sebastian Shaw, the main villain of this movie. Even though he does not look much like his comic counterpart, and at time the movie character felt a bit more like Mr. Sinister. Emma Frost I think was the closest adaptation they got, except for the part of her having her diamond form so early on her career but that is just the fanboy in me nitpicking. Something bothered me as well in relation to her Diamond skin, because while she was in this form Magneto was able to crack her neck. She should have not cracked that easily. Many questions arose from this movie and not much explanation like; Havok’s relationship with Cyclops, connection between Emma Frost in this movie and in Wolverine Origins, Azazel’s link to Nightcrawler, and many more. Then again, if this is your first X-Men movie those things will not really matter. In addition, for those who wait for the credits to finish I will inform you ahead that there are no Easter eggs attach - boohoo.
I just want to say that for me the story was good and serviceable, but I am starting to feel that Bryan Singer has this knack of disregarding things he does not like. Which I feel is a bit lazy on his part as a writer, a good writer can turn crappy ideas and make them gold, not pretend that they do not exist. He did it before by disregarding Superman 3 & 4 and telling people that his Superman Returns movie is a sequel to Donner’s Superman 2. Now, he is doing it again by disregarding X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins : Wolverine, by completely stepping on the toes of those movie. Here are just a few examples, where do you insert the time Professor X and Magneto went to visit a young Jean Grey? And the time the Professor saved the young mutants in Stryker’s island. In both of this account, the Professor is bald and standing, which would be difficult considering the state of Charles Xavier at the end of this movie. However, to be fair to X-Men First Class I did like their interpretation on how the Professor ended up on his chair. The nuclear missile crisis is a good nod to Magneto’s first villainous act in the comics. The 1960s setting works as well, the atmosphere of the era is a good fit for the character’s development, and I probably want to watch more adventure set in this period.
Matthew Vaughn, was no doubt a good director, and actually was the one who gives credence to this movie considering many things working against it. Even with its long running time, I did not feel that the movie had any dragging moments. The FX was good, and each of the character has a moment to showcase their abilities (you could see a good amount of money went to this part, in contrast to the other X-Men movies). The blue and gold costume was a bit tongue-in-cheek but I actually favored it more than the leather outfits and at the very least, it is respectful to its comicbook origin. The musical score was a bit fun, and reflects a lot on the era that this movie was suppose to happen.
Summing it all up, X-MEN first class is a good movie but not without its bumps. I have gone in to this movie not expecting much, I guess with the lowered expectation it is easier to be blown away. I will probably watch this movie a few more times; I will let you know how it stands up in repeat viewing.
And last thing Wolverine’s cameo was a blast, though my wife enjoyed that a bit more than me.
1 Yes
0 No

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