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Just a REGULAR comicbook fan's view on DC's first full-length movie outing of their EMERALD KNIGHT. [The RATING CHART is spoiler free but beyond that is No Man's Land]
P0llMaster - 6/17/2011

Here's my inventor extraordinaire superhero.
P0llMaster - 7/31/2010

Here's another of my Superhero creations. She's sort of an Iron Man - Green Lantern Hybrid
P0llMaster - 7/29/2010

I'm a big fan of superhero comics and I would like to create my own superheroes. Harpy is an example.
P0llMaster - 7/28/2010

Hollywood's IT guy again bagging a meaty lead role. What do people see in him?
P0llMaster - 5/14/2010

It seems like Michael Chicklis is not yet finished playing superheroes, as his series about a superhero family is being picked up by ABC.
P0llMaster - 5/14/2010

Nice right?!
P0llMaster - 3/21/2010

a more Kick-Ass look on splinter's protege.
P0llMaster - 3/20/2010

With Official Synopsis... I think we might now know why is it still called Karate Kid in the land of Kung Fu.
P0llMaster - 2/23/2010

And he has been casted, and a perfect casting so it seems...
P0llMaster - 2/22/2010

Do not worry his working with experts on Vampire Films.
P0llMaster - 12/7/2009

And yup it Kicks Much Ass!
P0llMaster - 11/5/2009

Zemeckis is a director who has done a lot of fantasy movies. Why is there no movie about men in superhero tights?
P0llMaster - 11/4/2009

Since the 1940s the Dark Knight has been running around in his tight in the silver screen, now let us see who is most worthy to wear the cape and the cowl.
P0llMaster - 10/3/2009

Is this fanmade or made for fans?
P0llMaster - 10/2/2009

It's not out yet but there's talk already of exploring the world of Avatar more.
P0llMaster - 9/30/2009

Why watch Iron Man when you can be him...
P0llMaster - 9/29/2009

The franchise is on shaky grounds...
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009

Gamers of Little Big Planet has a cute Watch"baby" they can play with.
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009

John Hart, who wore the Masked of Lone Ranger for 54 episodes, and has finally rode of to the sunset one last time.
P0llMaster - 9/28/2009