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No Ordinary Family picked-up by ABC

It seems like Michael Chicklis is not yet finished playing superheroes, as his series about a superhero family is being picked up by ABC.
NBC's Heroes might be on its way out, but the void can be filled up by another superhero group/family in ABC's No Ordinary Family.

The series stars Michael Chiklis who is not a stranger to superhero family as he played the Thing on 2 Fantastic Four movie(seems like he gets the shorter end of the stick as his F4 rival Chris Evans is up for a meatier superhero role shedding his fire skin with chainmail in Captain America).
and Dexter's Julie Benz as husband and wife and along with their kids, develop superpowers after a plane crash in the Amazon River (hmmm... Cosmic Rays).

No Ordinary Family is the brain child of Greg Berlanti (Eli Stone) and Jon Feldman (Tru Calling). The seriea also stars Kay Panabaker, Jimmy Bennett, Tate Donovan and Autumn Reeser.

Here's the official extended description:

The Powells are about to go from ordinary to extraordinary. After 16 years of marriage, Jim and Stephanie's relationship lacked the spark it once had, and their family life now consists of balancing work and their two children; leaving little time for family bonding. During a family vacation set up by Jim in an attempt to reconnect, their plane crashes into the Amazon River. But this is where the fun starts for the Powells as they soon discover that something's not quite right. Each of them now possesses unique and distinct super powers. But saving and savoring their family life will be equally important as they try to find purpose for their new power and embark on a journey to find out what defines and unifies them. The Powells are a totally relatable family that happens to be a little bit amazing.

Might be good but would have been better if they got an existing superheroes from the comics.

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