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Terminator being Terminated?

The franchise is on shaky grounds...
I'm a regular fan of the Terminator Movies. The first one I clearly remembered was T2, and to see that liquid metal effects way back then was simply awesome. I watched Terminator 1 years after and felt it was ok, nice use of a robot"Arnie" for a robot. Terminator 3 for me was still watchable. I just recently started watching the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles... and the only thing that runs through my mind is Summer Glau.

Terminator Salvation, what I felt was a good change of pace. It has the feeling that the series had already matured, much like its viewers. I am really pumped up to see another movie from this series. So, this news saddens me a little bit that franchise future is a bit on shaky grounds.

Article from IMDB reads:

After "Terminator Salvation" grossed over $371 million worldwide this summer, a fifth installment to the popular franchise seemed inevitable. That may not be the case. Producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are reportedly looking to sell the rights to the property either partially or completely as their companies work their way through bankruptcy court.According to The Los Angeles Times, the duo has hired a financial advisory firm to "evaluate strategic alternatives." Halcyon has one and only one asset at their disposal: the "Terminator" franchise. A spokesman told the paper they would be "contacting a variety of studios and independent companies" and...

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Gregory Ellwood

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