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JEREMY RENNER: Director Tony Gilroy Previews Bourne Legacy

Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three Bourne films and directed Michael Clayton, serves as director of Jeremy Renner's new film, this August's The Bourne Legacy. Chatting with The Playlist he previews the film.
The biggest challenge facing Gilroy - besides the fact he was directing his first entry in the series - was the departure of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. Rather than recast the role of Jason Bourne, the decision was made to feature a new character that would be firmly set in the same univrse.

"There were no traditional good ways to go," he said, "they were pretty much out of road. So it was a blank piece of paper. It started as kind of a fun math problem. What do you do? Where do you go? It wasn't a real thing to me at the time, so I said 'You could do this!' And they went for it, and I went for it. That's the other side of it. You dig a lot of holes in the ground, and 98% of what you come up with you throw away, and every so often you come up with something, and go, this has all the things that could interest me for... it's two years of my life, by the time I'm done.

"[Bourne] Ultimatum is sort of playing in the background in the first 10-15 minutes," he added. "The events of Ultimatum trigger what happens in this film. The idea is king. Once the story drops, you know where it goes, and you've got a reason and a theme, you can stand back and know that everything from then on is going to be about effort and taste and luck and money...But the idea is king, and whether that's easy or hard [to come up with] I don't really know. But the making of the movie is physically taxing."

Always on Gilroy's mind as he was directing was remembering what separates Bourne from the rest of the action pack: "The continuing thing is that we have very deep, complex characters with real behavior and real problems, and that [sense] that they have a life off the screen, and you take those real people, and put them in extreme, visceral situations, and then you have something that's motivated, in real locations, with real gravity and physics, and things go wrong."

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