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SCARLETT JOHANSSON: First Image From Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson is stripping off her black leather for her next role as an alien in the film Under the Skin. Thanks to Ace Showbiz, we've got a first look of her in her role of Laura.
"Johansson stars as an alien disguised as a mesmerizing woman who snares human prey on remote highways and other desolate spots with her voracious sexuality," says the site. "Over time, she begins to change her thinking about humans and finds herself on a collision course with her own skin."

Johansson her self offers, "It's actually not a science fiction film; it's sort of a film that asks existential questions and is much more complex than the logline.

Jonathan Glazer (who co-wrote the script with Walter Campbell) serves as director.

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Ace Showbiz

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