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CHRIS HEMSWORTH: The Huntsman is a "Lost Soul" is reporting on an interview given by Chris Hemsworth in which the actor describes his character as the Huntsman in June 1st's Snow White and the Huntsman. He also addresses working with director Rupert Sanders.
"The Huntsman is a bit of a lost soul," offers Hemsworth. "We meet him at the beginning of the film and he’s quite the drunk, he’s living in the woods on his own. He’s paid as a mercenary to hunt people down and he’s forced and threatened into hunting down Snow White.”

In regards to working with Sanders he adds, “He knows how to tell such a vivid story in such a short amount of time with such great imagery. Everyday we’d be on set and he’d be like, 'What if we put the camera up here and you do this,' he’d improvise with it and just get amazing, amazing shots. You either have an eye for those kind of things or you don’t. He just sees the world from a different point of view. Joining the film, I loved the script, and then I met with Rupert and saw visually how creative he was. We had a lot of discussions about character and story and I was inspired by him. I love these sort of films; big, fantastical, epic stories that have a real heart at the center of them.”
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